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  • Professional Installer with over 15 years experience
  • Installation of Industry proven Underground, Sliding & Swing arm system,
  • Battery backup during power cut. Manual override with release keys.
  • High quality motors and bearings.
  • Complete with 3 remotes, manual key & push button.
  • Replacement parts available separately for all components : e.g. remote control, motors, arm, main circuit board, battery for automated gate systems. Our autogate prices are unbeatable with great service & warrantee.
  • 1 year Warrantee. Free fine-tuning and maintenance during warrantee period.

We cover the whole Malaysia!

Sales & Service Centres in Georgetown, Penang, Alor Setar, Sungai Petani, Kota Bahru, Ipoh, Kuala Terengganu, Kuantan, Seremban, Melaka, Johor Bahru, Kuching, Tawau, Sabah, Miri, Sandakan, Sarawak. We provide Malaysia security products throughout Malaysia Nationwide security system & alarm system, supplying auto gate, automatic opener, electric gate and access control system, Configurations include swing gate, sliding gate, barrier gate carrying major brands such as FAAC, Westmark, Jackpro, Magnet, DEA, OAE, Stagnoli, Hermes, Arrow, CEMAR, CELMER, GOOD1, Valet, DOORMEX, LETRON, POWERGATE, SUPERMAX, TOP-MECH, V-GATES, Victor, Fadini. We specialise in all gate automation systems. Check this website frequently for current autogate promotions or package systems auto gate promotions.

Repairs & Spare Parts Readily Available

[Remote RM50] [Receiver RM130]

[Transformer RM70]

[Circuit Board RM280]

[Enclosure RM35]

[Swing Arm RM345]

[Battery RM80]

[Gear Rack RM50]

[Main Gear RM130]

[Solenoid Lock RM280]
We want to help you save. We will make every effort to repair your old gate. We will not ask you to replace your gate system unnecessarily.
Autogate spare parts for swing arm, underground system and sliding door readily available at reasonable prices. Even small items such as springs or parts for older systems. Call us now for a free consultation. We will try our best to source replacement parts for your autogate systems. We are autogate installers that can make use of your existing system to help you save cost if need to refurbish your exising autogate system.
swing arm, brackets, motors, control boards, batteries, spare remote control, selonoid locks, replacement arms, gears, casing, autogate transformers, autogate receiver unit.

A Very Common Problem
Picture of typical underground arm motor flooded due to seepage of water. Underground units over 4-6 years of service typically suffer from these problems, the main cause for water leakage is due to the hardening of the outer rubber seal as well as the rubber shaft seal. Once a motor has been compromised by water the replacement of the entire motor is the only effective remedy. Many of the underground systems are being replaced with swing arm systems to avoid this problem recurring.

Typical circuit diagram for a local gate controller,
click on the image below for a large image

Wide Range of Products

We have a large range of branded auto gate products for sliding gate system, folding autogate system, swing gate sytem or swing arm systems. Local, Italian & USA systems are available for your specialised needs. Available in Kuala Lumpur Bangsar, Ampang, Cheras, TTDI, Tan Tun, Bukit Antarabangsa, Kepong, Segambut, Taman Duta, Sentul, Seri Kembangan, Bukit Jalil, Batu Caves, Selayang. In Petaling Jaya, SS2, SS3, SS14, SS17, SS16, Jaya, Taman Megah, Taman Mayang, Chempaka, Paramount, Kota Damansara, Bandar Utama, Sea Park, Klang, Old Town, Putra Heights. (Malaysia autogate systems).
Service & Support

We have over 15 years experience in providing professional, prompt and reliable autogate repair and maintenance services. We specialize in sales, service and repair of all major brands of automated gate access systems and upgrades of existing equipment. Whether it's a house, an apartment complex, an office or a factory, we can install an autogate system to suit your specific needs.

Service & Repair It's comforting to know someone is always there for you. You can rest easy knowing we're always just a phone call away. If you ever have a problem with your auto gate for service or repair we are always available to help. We understand that a malfunctioning system can cost you inconvenience, time and money, that's why we work hard to get your gate system operating as soon as possible.

Our Rates Give us a call and we will happy to advice you on your options. We can provide you with an estimate cost of repair over the phone and we commit that our rates will be honest & fair.

Maintenance Program We provide 6 monthly or 3 monthly annual maintenance. This is to insure that the system is tested and inspected on a regular basis. We provide written recommendation upon request.

System Design & Consulting There is no "one size fits all" approach. We work closely with you to tailor a customized autogate solution for you specific needs.

8 Reasons Why You Should Choose Us

1. Buy With Confidence. We use tried and proven auto gate systems that are extremely reliable and used throughout the industry. we encourage you to try evaluate our swing arm, sliding door & arm type systems and pricing without any obligations and we guarantee that you will not be dissapointed by our service. We have the best autogate systems for you to choose from. Our autogate reviews are the best in the industry

2. Complete Solution from a Single Supplier. We do the integration for you. Hassle free and no worries about tech support and warranty coverage. We carry a large range of local, Italian & USA marque brands such as OAE Auto gate, Stagnoli Hermes, Telcoma, CELMAR, FAAC, Magnet, Westmark, DEA, Jackpro, CEI, DC MOTO, Good1.

3. We do not just supply Equipment, we supply a total auto gate solution! We listen carefully to our customer's project’s requirement and budget allocation. Then we advise customer to help them select the most appropriate solution. We provide good autogate solutions which are complete and is appropriate for the customer's performance and budgetary needs. Let us provide you a total solution for all your Autogate Installation Needs

4. Comprehensive Technical Support, Our technicians are always available over the phone to answer any questions. Our Autogate maintenance and autogate repair services covers the whole Nation wide and the entire Klang Valley including Kuala Lumpur, Ampang, Bangsar, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, Damansara,Brickfields, Cheras Petaling Jaya, Subang Jaya, Putra Heights, Subang, Kelana Jaya, Puchong, Serdang, Kajang, Selayang etc.

5. Superior Quality Products. We use our years of extensive technical experience and knowledge to select and design the best value quality auto gate products for our customers. All our products undergo QC before selling to customers. We are committed to our autogate warranties and we do all our own autogate repairs

6. Comprehensive documentation. We are continuously producing specification, schematic, application note for all our auto gate products - extremely useful when submitting for big project or just for customized presentation to the customer.

7. Competitive pricing. Our total solution pricing is unbeatable! for OAE swing arm, Vigitronx, FAAC, Stagnoli Hermes, Magnet systems. Many auto gate recommendations come to us as the preferred autogate installer of choice.

8. Unparallel Repair Service. We maintain complete stock of spare parts and have a dedicated repairing department. Components that are broken (beyond warranty) can be repaired at very reasonable rates. Our autogate service is performed by experienced and trained autogate technicians. We provide replacement remote control, motors, gears, control boards. We cover the entire Klang Valley including Kuala Lumpur, Cheras, Petaling Jaya, Subang Jaya, Subang, Putra Heights, Kelana Jaya, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, Bangsar, Damansara, Seri Kembangan, Serdang, OUG etc. We also have service network nation wide throughout Malaysia.

Why Install an Autogate System?

Security: Security plays a large part in choosing to install an electric auto gate system at either your home or business premises. Electrically controlled gates (swing arm, sliding gate) are a serious deterrent to the opportunist, car thief or vandal. In conjunction with a video or audio intercom, you can control who has access to your premises from the safety of your home or office. You can effectively move your first line of defense to your gateway rather than your front door.

Convenience: Look at driveways with wrought iron or wooden gates. How many are left open? If one of your reasons for installing gates was for security, you've wasted your money if you can't be bothered to get out of the car to close them every day. Both metal and wooden gates can be very heavy and difficult to open and close so automating them may be a necessity for some. Freeing yourself from this chore has to be by far the most common reason for installing automatic gates. Imagine coming home on a dark, stormy night. Now imagine being able to open the gates from the comfort, warmth and safety of your car and then close them safely behind you.

Practicality: Talking of busy roads, do motorists use your driveway to turn their cars around or worse park? Do you have children and would you prefer to keep them safely behind your auto gate and away from the road or people passing by? What about your dog? You can have your gates close automatically behind you so that you don't have to remember to close them and jeopardise your children or pets' safety.

Different Types of Gate Systems

Arm gate system is designed for reliability for both swing and folding gate system. It operates with low noise level and operational with 12V 7 AH battery during power outage. The unit is in stainless steel casing. This motor is usually maintenance free due to carbonless brush system. The motor strength ranges from 200kg to 400kg per wing. Control Panel are divided into 2 categories. Micro processor panels are usually the best controls as they controls the motor without many adjustment. Many models are available to choose from. Important considerations are the size & weight of your gate, whether you would like to get a local or imported make, what is the availability of spare parts (especially arms & motors)? This configuration is the most popular configuration as it is easy to install, simple and realiable to operate and suitable for the Local wet environement as the motor is not below ground and supceptable to flooding.

Underground swing gate system is specially design for swing gate system. It operates with low noise level. The pull and push features allowed the gate to operate manually during power supply outage. This underground system are slowly being replace by arm type system due to maintenance and parts. Underground system are aesthetically the least obtrusive as the motors are hidden away from view, they are also the most suitable option where the width of the gate is limited as the motor does not take up any space by the side of the gate post.

DC Sliding gate system is specially designed for sliding gate and consists of mechanical and electronic components. It uses only 24V DC and backup by battery during power supply outage. The magnetic counting system used by some sliding gate system is a new high technology used in automatic gate. It also provides 2 speed to slow the gate down near opening or closing to reduce banging noise. These gates are very robust and reliable as it is mechanically very simple. However, these gates tend to be slower to operate as the gate has to slide across 11 feet of track to open, further more it requires space by the side of the gate to allow the gate to slide into.

AC Sliding gate system supports heavy load operation and operates with low noise level. A magnetic sensor technology in combination with an electronic circuit control panel is used to ensure safety and ease of use. Sliding gate motor usually has a power ability from 800kg to commercial 2 ton. AC motor are durable and need less maintenance. However, the wiring of these systems have to be done with great care as a high voltage cable needs to be fed to the gate motors.
With the help of our professionally trained installers, we will help you design, configure and install the best residential autogate system in Malaysia! We are confident that our impeccable track record for installing best of breed autogate systems is unsurpassed in the industry! No autogate problem is too big or too small for our attention. Auto gates Systems are our core business.
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