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Control Board Connection Diagram
Autogate Control Board Connection Diagram

Stagnoli Hermes Autogate

Stagnoli introduces Hermes - the swing gate operator for leaves up to 2 meters in length. It is particularly suitable for light residential gates. Hermes's distinguishing features are it's smart design and an excellent quality-price relationship. The Hermes operator by Stagnoli is available in the 24Vdc . version with magnetic encoder.

Model Hermes
Power supply 230 V ~ ( 50 Hz )
Input current (A) 0.7
Motor power supply 24V~
Motor power (W) 100W
Travel time 90i (sec) 15 - 20
Thrust force (max. 1200N)
Working temperature (°C) -20 <>+60
Working cycle (%) 70
lP protection level 43
Weight (kg) 3

Affordable, well made italian system.  Well made in aluminium finished and moulded motor covers. Runs very smooth and silently and well supported locally.  Highly recommended

OEA Autogate

Model:OAE 666

Driving Method

Electro-Mechanical Screw Driver Piston Type

Operating Voltage

DC 18V for Normal Speed DV 12V For ending Speed

Motor Output

15 watt per arm

Motor Output


Piston Displace

32 cm

Piston Speed

2.9cm / sec

Opening Speed

90 deg ( 10-12 sec )

Back-up Battery

12Volt 7 AH Rechargeable

Safety Clutch

Electric Current Sensing using HI-AMP Auto-Reverse

Safety Barrier

Infrared Beam Sensor

Electric Controller

Micro-Processor based


0 to 80C

Gear Box

Three Stages Planeery Reducer

Manual Operation

Special Release Key during power failure

Max. wrt of gate

400kg per-wing with force adjustable

Max lenght of gate

5 meter per wing

DEA Wing 302 Swing Arm (Italy)

Description: WING 302, the electromechanical ram reliable and powerful over time. The electromechanical automation does not require periodic maintenance or internal adjustments. The installation, easy and fast, does not cause any modification to the gate structure.

Application Demanding residential or industrial swing gate. One motor for each gate leaf.


  • Quick and silent
  • Compact and strong
  • Greased soaked motor
  • 230V AC powered
  • Suitable for leaf up to 2m long.
  • Simple unlocking system by key
  • Incorporated condenser
  • Easy to install
CELMER Sliding Gate System

Description: CELMER is specifically design to handle residential capacity with ease. CELMER is NOT a new autogate system the just emerged recently. It has been installed all over Malaysia with proven satisfied customer for more than 15 years. You can definitely count on CELMER for a trouble free and reliable autogate system for years to come.
Standard feature:
  • Max gate weight is 600 kg
  • Silent operation <>
  • Opening speed 9 meter / min
  • Gearbox is greased type
  • Coded remote control allow 30 to 50 meter transmission
  • Support photo beam input for extra safety feature
  • Limit switch using micro switch
Celmer Product Brochure

Model : CM-1
Operating Voltage DC 24V
Output Power 120W / Motor
Max. Weight of Gate 400kg / Leaf
Rotary Speed 7 sec. / 90 degree
Transmission Type Rotary lever
Dual Speed Yes
Back-up Battery Optional
Safety Device Mechanical clutch
IR Safety Beam NA
Safety Limit Timer Yes
Auto Close Timer NA
Automatic Lighting Control Yes, including photo sensor control
Remote Controller 2 channel UHF PWM
Electric Lock Yes
JackPro Automatic Gate System

Product Description:

Safety And Convenient

  • Choice Ideal for swing gate and folding gate (Residential & Industrial)
  • Reliable Maximum strength, strucural resistance and protection against severe weather conditions
  • Quality Selected materials and perfect coupling among the various parts
  • Safety Detection of the unforseen eventgs and prevention of obstacles
  • Simplicity Easy installation and maintenance
DCMoto GFM725 with VVVD technology

Product Description:
DC MOTO GFM725 Catalogue
YouGate Autogate System

Rebranded DC MOTO system with Different casing

YouGate Specifications
* < 1.8M per wing, 150kg per wing
* Digital smart servor motor (SSC)
* DC 12 - 20V, 6.5Amp @ maximum power
* 2 rpm @ high speed mode
* Micro-computer control, built-in Digicraft "Anti-Spy" decryption technology.
* Remote controller with 8 bit 4MHz, 4-push buttons, 6 channel output.


CASA ASIA S 320 H - The Easy Doorway Electro Mechanical Operator For Folding & Swing Gates. - Ideal solution for swing and folding gates with leaves up to 3m. - Learns and stores in memory, creating a default setting for future cycles-allo for longer operation life.

click image for details

Radion Folding Gate System
  • Automatic Motion Control System
  • For more opening space
  • Powerful & Reliability
  • With additional safety precaution
  • Ensure efficient operation
  • The new Radion 24 Vdc irreversible electromechanical operator for intensive use
  • Reduce dimensions
  • Reduction unit manufactured with high quality gears and shafts
  • Equipped with and adjustable magnetic imit switch system, in opening and closing
  • The new unlock device operating from the top is very fast and easy to use
  • Thanks to the sphric-section Ø 20mm warm shaft the movement is very smoothly and silent
  • Prepared for battery back-up system


State of the art Technology Innovation

1. Its high technology and reliability ensure excellent performance for the customer
2. Not only it can ensure the safety of the household but it also helps to resolve the hassle of getting into their driveway
3. We are complete manufacturing company starting from design, assembly and final testing of auto gate and auto door system.
4. We are one-stop house for all accessories and parts.
It was more than 20 years ago when RADION started doing autogate system business. The reason which RADION decided to enter into this line was because our company had noticed that the standard of living has been raising. This is so much so that we are living in the technology age where people are pursuing higher standard of living, thus we believe that autogate system would be necessity instead of a luxury in the future. Our vision has proven fruitful and we are now capturing lion share of the market and is one of the leader in this field.

With the state of art technology that we are using, it will provide the most convenience to different households. Just imagine, you would not have the hassle of getting in and out of your driveway especially during rainy days, winter season or even better, your kids would not get wet if you are fetching them from school. Furthermore, we believe that some families who live along the hill slope will find it very useful because they do not have to get down from their vehicles to open the gate to their driveway which is pretty troublesome. As for the working people, after a day of hardwork, you would like to rush back home to get a good rest without the fuss of getting in and out of the car to open and close the gate.

HOW RELIABLE IS OUR SYSTEM? Our company would like to computerise the whole production and to have our very own specially design CNC machine for producing autogate system. RADION autogate system to cater to the lifestyle of the local people as well overseas. Right now our company is going on internet, and we hope to reach out more overseas dealer to expand our overseas market.


1. Auto reverse on closing if it hits an obstacle
2. Stopping on opening if it hits an obstacle
3. Control to stop immediately at any time when gate is moving
4. Limit switch N.C/N.O. Selectable (using micro-switch)
5. Automatic lighting control eith optional photo sensor
6. Dual lighting mode control: Folow or delay selectable
7. LED indications for easy installation and fault diagnosis
8. Photo Electric beam control input available
9. Adjustable forcing sensing trimmer for high and low speed
10. Emergency release key in case of power failure
11. Autoclose feature available (for safety, to be used with photocell)
- Power Supply :220 240V + 10%
- Motor Speed :1250 rpm
- Operating Thrust :370N
- Maximum Weight of Gate : 1600kg
- Opening speed : 10m/min
- Noise : <65db module =" 4" weight =" 10kg">

Type : A torque limiting drive unit with D.C. motor, speed reducer and Nylon Bush, which grips between an output shaft and arm connected to a gate. The pressure exerted by the bush and the shaft is adjustable by radially tightening the bush with screws system.

Motor Voltage Rating : 12-24V Direct Current, (D.C)
Power Consumption : 25 watt per Actuator
Motor Rated Load Speed : 4600 rpm
Insulation Resistance : 1.5 mega ohm
Closing Speed (from 90 angle) : 6-8 sec
Max. Leaf Opening Angle : 180°
Max. Leaf Weight Allowable : 200kg
Driving Shaft : Nickel chrome plated solid steel shaft
Casing : Waterproof and rust resistance cast alloy
Trust Force : = 50kg
External Dimension : 255mm(L) X 240mm(W) X 125mm(H)

Type : Nickel-chrome plated mild steel
Bearing Serial : Fuji-10-30A
Arm Dimension : 485mm(L) X 25mm(W) X 5mm(H)

CONTROL PANEL (5 Amp fuse)
Type : Using State-of-the-art Microprocessor for reliable control and encased in weather resisitant ABS casing. Power supply is step down to 24V direct current to operate control panel, receiver, motors and electronic lock
Power Supply : 230VAC, 5Amps, 50Hz
- Dual speed gate control
- Automatic lighting control
- one gate-leaf operation available
- Half-way-stop operation selectable
- Battery backup with chargers (optional)
- Control to stop immediately at anytime when gate is moving.
External Dimension : 310mm(L) X 250mm(W) X Depth-60
Weight : 5kg

Type : This lock is applicable for both outward and inward swing gates
Rated Voltage : 24V direct current (D.C.)
Lock Keeper : Solid mild steel with PVC protective coating.
Spring : Stainless Steel.
Manual Override : Key operated cam-lock to enable
manual operation in the event orf power failure.
Dimension : 115mm(L) X 70mm(W) X 55mm(H)

Type : Battery-operated, crystal controlled frequency. Modulated radiowave.

2 Channel / Remote Control
Range : Effective-40m
Passcode : Set by 8X3 ways switches easily accessible and changed by owner
Battery : Under normal usage, a 12V battery should last 6 months
Case Size : 50mm(L) X 35mm(W) X 12mm(H)
Weight: : 0.3 kg

Dynamic Drive Generic Arm Systems

Specializing in budget pre-fabricated gate packages. Based in Johor with limited support within the Klang Valley.
Model: DD
 For Swing Gate / Middle duty
Grade: 300KG per wing
Gate Size: 15 feet
Gate Type: Swing only

Model: DH

Model: DK

Grade: 600KG per wing
Gate Size: 24 feet
Gate Type: Swing & Folding
Gate Size: 24 feet

Autogate Repair Specialist

•Trained Technicians: Our technicians are thoroughly trained with years of experience and are highly skilled which saves you time, money and headaches. We don’t hire laborers for technician positions to ensure quality. We are proud to be an honest, reliable and knowledgeable tech force, ask any one of us.
•Latest Equipment: Using the latest state of the art repair and diagnosis equipment we take the guesswork out of the equation and assure quality through accuracy.
•Emergency Repair Service: We offer 24/7 emergency. Please do not hesitate to call us day or night with your gate emergency needs. A technician will be dispatched immediately.
•Electric Gate Repair: DYNAMIC AUTOGATE SPECIALIST is the premier company for electric gate repair. We service homes, commercial facilities and industrial complexes. Management companies big and small use our repair service daily because they know we'll do the job right the first time and on time. Our gate repair service is avaialable day or night. Call today.
•Electric Gate Installation: Whether you need to install a remote control, an infrared beam or a whole new gate opener, Elite Gates is your source. We carry the best brands at competitve prices and we install them professionaly to give you the peace of mind you deserve. Our installation come with an unsurpassed 1 year guarantee.
•Gate Openers: By far the most important investment of your automatic gate system. At DYNAMIC AUTOGATE SPECIALIST we'll match the best motor brand and size to your specific job. Gate openers need to be installed correctly to preserve manufacturer warranty, prevent future breakdowns and to protect your family and guests. Call today to experience a risk free installation with our 1 year guarantee.
•Telephone Intercom Systems: We troubleshoot existing telephone entry systems, intercom systems and gate communication devices. If your system stopped working, you hear static on the line or you experience one-way communications - we can fix it today. And, if your system is beyond repair we can install a new one for you the same day.
Automatic gate repair is not an easy project. It takes a specially trained automatic gate repairman to efficiently and quickly handle the problem. Over at SafeHouse Locksmith, our gate repairmen will respond 24 hours a day to an emergency automatic gate repair situation. We understand that the safety of your home, business, or apartment building is your top priority and that repairing automatic gates quickly is the key to your peace of mind. We have repair automatic gates for apartments in Chelsea, automatic store gates in SoHo, and for schools on the Upper West Side. The automatic gates we repair will keep your business safe from any intrusions and break-ins. We have modified many businesses’ automatic gates by replacing chains with key switch openings for automatic gates. Our technicians also repair automatic gate for businesses throughout Manhattan. We have many styles and sizes of roll up gates and security grills to accommodate all of your automatic security needs.
We repair iron gates for homes, driveways, gardens and other places on residential property areas for residential areas in New York City as well as Long Island and Westchester County.
Commercial Iron Gate Repair
We repair commercial iron gates for business in the new York area immediately and efficiently because we understand that your business entranceways need to be secure at all times.
DYNAMIC AUTOGATE SPECIALIST supplys large range of Electric Gate Accessories and Spare Parts, including:- Antenna's, Batteries, Columns and Posts, Key Switches, Keypads, Loop Dectotors, Motors, Transmitters, Receivers and Locks.
DYNAMIC AUTOGATE SPECIALIST automatic gate openers, offer many electric autogate systems to choose from as well as a wide variety of swing gate and sliding gate including gate remote controls, driveway alarms, wireless exit devices and more to customize your gated entrance and gate openers. If you are in need of a driveway or walk through gate, DYNAMIC AUTOGATE SPECIALIST offers easy to install autogates for installation as an automatic driveway gate or property security gate. Our driveway and pedestrian gates have the very popular wrought iron gate design!

Our customers use our gate openers to automate all types of driveway gates, agricultural gates, fence gates, cattle gates, farm gates for their gated residences or other gated properties. DYNAMIC AUTOGATE SPECIALIST has been the leader in DIY automatic gates, gate openers and access controls. DYNAMIC AUTOGATE SPECIALIST has always we always offered our customers a product and service that will exceed their expectations.
DYNAMIC AUTOGATE SPECIALIST is the most affordable basic automatic gate opener system on the market. It will open and close a gate that does not exceed 12 ft in length or 300 lbs. DYNAMIC AUTOGATE SPECIALIST offer much stronger automatic gate opener that will carry a gate that does not exceed 16 feet or 550 lbs. DYNAMIC AUTOGATE SPECIALIST automatic gates are very popular in agricultural and many rural areas using one of our solar panels for the battery charger. The DYNAMIC AUTOGATE SPECIALIST automatic gates system is for single swing gates but is also available in a dual kit.
DYNAMIC AUTOGATE SPECIALIST offer most powerful, heavy duty single gate opener and it will be your #1 choice to automate your ornamental automatic gate. The item number is FM500 and it is available in both a single and a dual gate kit. This strong single or dual gate opener kit has been the top selling DYNAMIC AUTOGATE SPECIALIST auto gate opener. All current DYNAMIC AUTOGATE SPECIALIST autogates systems are solar compatible and will work with our complete line of automatic gate opener accessories and they are an excellent choice for remote locations or as an addition to your current driveway gates and remember all DYNAMIC AUTOGATE SPECIALIST products qualify.
Our automatic gate openers and driveway gates have been featured on magazines and newspapaers. DYNAMIC AUTOGATE SPECIALIST are available in several different styles of both driveway gates and walk through gates. (steel gates, metal gates, steel patio gates, steel garden gates, steel pedestrian gates, or steel walk thru gates). Please visit for additional information on our gates and explore ways to make your DYNAMIC AUTOGATE SPECIALIST an automatic gate closer and also review our automatic gate plans.
The Swing Gate is specified when the site configuration does not allow for full movement of a slide gate and its counterbalance. Swing gates are typically used between two buildings or where the ground rises or falls sharply away from the outer side of the gate post.
The Swing Gate System is a Heavy Duty swing gate for single gate openings up to 24 feet wide or doubles up to 48 feet. It uses two 180 degree industrial gate hinges that are attached to the gate frame with through-bolts.
DYNAMIC AUTOGATE SPECIALIST make your tenants feel at home by keeping unwanted guests off of your property with one of our Commercial Swing or Sliding gates.
Automatic gate drawing power from the mains to open a driveway gate. Generally there are four types of electromechanical automatic gate: Worm driven (or screw type) swing gates, articulated arm swing gate systems and underground swing gate operators and motors for sliding gates. Electric and automatic gate openers are designed for both sliding and swinging gates and fences. They can be programmed to open with a manual device or a wireless transmitter. Automatic gate systems can also be fitted with solar panels to ensure function during blackouts or loss of electricity.
DYNAMIC AUTOGATE SPECIALIST is the leading suppliers of Swing Gates, Sliding Gates, Electric Gate, Remote Control and Automatic Gates systems in Johor.
Our sliding gates are not like other automatic sliding gates. Our patent-pending Amazing Slider Guide allows you to hang arched gates resulting in a gate that is both functional and beautiful. See our Sliding Gates (ground track). Our patent-pending sliding gate system was designed with ease of installation and safety in mind. The Amazing Slider Guide posts stand a full 18 inches back from the slide gate which largely eliminates the potentially dangerous issue of a moving gate rolling past stationary pinch roller posts only inches from the gate. To ease installation, all mounting hardware is fully adjustable so you don't have to worry about getting it perfectly plumb, level and square on the first try. This system is as easy to install as our swing driveway gate system. Our Prices for sliding gates vary by style and by size.
Operating principally in Malaysia and Johor, DYNAMIC AUTOGATE SPECIALIST offers a comprehensive design, manufacture and installation service covering all types of residential & commercial automatic gate systems, specialist garage doors and access control solutions. Sliding gates and swing gates in steel, aluminium and timber are supplied in almost any size or style required. On top of this, DYNAMIC AUTOGATE SPECIALIST also offers automatic gates spare parts and accesories.
Sliding gates are very useful where the drive rises up towards the house preventing swing gates from opening, or where a swing gate would reduce any potential parking space.
Wheels are built into the bottom rail of the gate and run along a track concreted into the driveway opening. The operator is fixed near a pillar and moves the gate via a toothed rack attached to the gate. Any of our gate designs can be configured as automated sliding gates.
DYNAMIC AUTOGATE SPECIALIST is proud of our achievements over the years, and through continual improvement seek to enhance our established excellent reputation as providers of automatic gate and door systems. We supply both contemporary and traditional designs which have various uses e.g. automated driveway gates, electric pedestrian access systems; if you have something special in mind, don't hesistate to ask - we specialise in custom made designs! Safety of automatic swing and sliding gates is paramount. We carry out on-site risk assessments in accordance with currently recommended safety practices.
Security & Convenience
Open and close your automatic gates in all weathers from the comfort and security of your car or house with a pocket size transmitter. Be confident that your gate can always be positively locked in the closed position, either as a function of the gate operator, or with the addition of an electrical lock on larger swing gates.
FA-835i Swing Arm

Driving method : Screw driven piston type
Operating voltage : DC24V for normal speed
DC12V for cushioning speed
Max. output power : 80W per driver
Max. piston stroke : 26cm
Max. piston speed : 2cm/sec.
operating cycle : 13 Second per 90 (approx)
Max. weight of gate : 300kg per wing
Max. length of gate : 3.2 Meter per wing
Position limit device : Electronic fuzzy logic
Gearbox : Dual steps planetary reducer Safety clutch : Electronic current sensing
Backup battery : 12V 7AH
Safety barrier : Infrared beam sensor (optional)
Main supply : AC110V/220V, 60Hz/50Hz Electronic controller : Microcomputer based
Remote controller : UHF digital PWM type
Temperature : 0 to + 80C

Features :
- Electronic anti-crushing sensor, automatic reopen if it hits something
- Timer control automatic closing ( you must obey some safety rule to activate this function ).
- Non-underground motor, Avoiding common problem of damages by water and mud.
- Its unique self locking mechanism does not require an extra lock at the gate. Therefore there is no more a lock stopper obstructingthe drive way.
- Dual speed design with soft cushion stopping.
- Micro-computer fuzzy logic control.
- It works even during a blackout.

Swing Gate - LI Gates

DC Motor For Residential Applications
Operating Power: 12VDC
Max Weight Of Gate 300Kg / Leaf
Rotary Speed : 7 Sec / 90 degree
With Dual Speed
With Back-up Battery
Safety Device : Mechanical Clutch
With Eletric Lock

LI-Gate Catalogue

RDS 9 Arm Gate System - Raggio Del Sole

Manufactured Using High Quality Stainless Steel
Powerful, Reliable, Safety and Flood Resistant
With Backup Battery
Main Power : AC230V50Hz
Operating Power : DC24V For Normal Speed, DC12V For Cushioning Speed
Max Piston Speed : 2.2cm/Sec
Catalogue RDS 9

RDS Sliding Gate - RDS 5

Features: Italy Technology
Powerful, Reliable & Flood-Resistant
With Back Up Battery ( Operation Can Continue Even Power Failure )
Capacity : 600Kgs.MAx
Gate Speed : 12 Meter/Min
Weight: 13Kg
Power Supply: AC 240V 50Hz / 24VDC

Catalogue RDS5
User Comments of RDS
MAG swing gate system

Description: MAG is the brand of confidence and highest standard in its class. It s highly sophisticated components have been researched and rigorously tested in our tough Malaysian conditions - heavy rain, lightning storms, high temperature and humidity. MAG passed these tests with flying colors.

MAG is a time proven performance for 20 years. Our stringent quality control guarantees the consistency and reliability of MAG swing gate system. MAG is best value for your money and a far better choice in autogate system.

Special feature: Revolutionary - 8 springs anti crush (8-SAC) clutch mechanism . This unique slip-clutch mechanism automatically suspends gate movement if it encounters any obstacle such as vehicle, human and animal in its traveling path while still be able to maintain smooth and powerful gate movement. This is very important to protect the safety of user and avoid the motor to overload itself (longer life time for motor). Also available is SW200P2 - premium version that uses a more advanced controller for better protection against lightning and higher performance (up to 5 amp).

Standard feature:

  • Fast and silent - 90 degree opening at 8 to 10 sec
  • Gearbox fully submerged in oil bath for longer mechanical life span
  • Coded remote control allow 30 to 50 meter transmission
  • Gate leaf movement with cushioning - avoid loud banging sound when opening or closing
  • Water proof and rust resistance alloy
  • Max gate weight is 200 kg per leaf

Patented technology: MAG actuator advanced drive mechanism and clutch system is patented in UK (GB2153004) and Malaysia (MY100065A). MAG is the first and original system in the world that has this patented technology.

Product Brochures
MAG Wing Arm Autogate WG203
MAG Sliding Autogate SL100DC & SL100AC
CEA200 Sliding Gate System

Description: CEA200 is for more demanding residential or even light industrial application. It has metal pinion gear and mechanical design to support heavier sliding gate. CEA200 is a clear choice for high performance with rock solid reliability.

Standard feature:

  • Max gate weight is 1600 kg
  • Silent operation <>
  • Opening speed 12 meter / min
  • Gearbox is fully submerged in oil bath for smother operation.
  • Coded remote control allow 30 to 50 meter transmission
  • Support photo beam input for extra safety feature
  • Limit switch using optional micro switch or reed switch
CEI Underground Swing Gate

CEI Autogate DC motor for residential applications
Operating Voltage : DC 24V
Output Power : 120W / Motor
Max. Weight of Gate : 300kg / Leaf
Rotary Speed : 7 sec. / 90 degree
Transmission Type : Rotary Lever
Dual Speed : YES
Battery Back-up : Optional
Safety Device : Mechanical clutch
Safety Limit Timer : YES
Automatic Lighting Control : YES.

DEA Gate Automation

DEA WING Series operators have been created to meet the most modern automation systems requirements. The carefully chosen components and the particular finish level give to this article a high quality and reliability with a very pleasant look. - External fitting - Irreversible or reversible - Grease lubricated reduction. - Key release system. - 390 stroke click for brochures

DEA LIVI 400/800 is the automation for sliding gates from 400 kg to 800 kg , which combines a great sturdiness and reliability with an agreeable and original design,which has been marking out this product for several years. Thanks to the mechanical or electronic clutch, the safety is assured.The control board is integrated in the case, making so still easier the already quick installation of Livi 400/800. Click for brochures

DEA GULLIVER1500 is the automation for sliding gates from 1000 kg to 2000 kg, where an intensive duty is required. The sturdiness and the choice of the details are guarantee of reliability in time. Thanks to the mechanical or electronic clutch, the safety is assured. The control board is integrated in the case,making so still easier the already quick installation of Gulliver 1500. Click for brochures

COMEX Auto Gate Systems

The Latest Technology in Auto Gate System

Model SE 1

• More Features • New Improved Motor
• More Advanced Control Panel
• More Reliable with Added Stable Operation
• With Additional Safety Precaution

A torque limiting drive unit with D.C. motor, speed reducer and nylon bush, which grips between an output shaft and arm connected to a gate. The pressure exerted by the bush and the shaft is adjustable by radially tightening the bush with screws system.

Model DKC 800

Sliding Gate Automatic System with state of the art micro computer controller

Advanced Features 1] Auto-reverse on closing if it hits an obstacle
2] Stopping on opening if it hits an obstacle
3] Control to stop immediately at any time when gate is moving
4] Limit switch N.C./N.O. selectable (using micro-switch)
5] Automatic lighting control with optional photo sensor
6] Dual lighting mode control: Follow or delay selectable
7] Led indications for easy installation and fault diagnosis
8] Photo Electric beam control input available
9] Adjustable forcing sensing trimmer
10] Emergency release key in case of power failure
11] Autoclose feature available (for safety, to be used with photocell)

Model EX 5

Heavy Duty Sliding Gate Automatic System with state of the art micro computer controller

Advanced Features 1] Auto-reverse on closing if it hits an obstacle
2] Stopping on opening if it hits an obstacle
3] Control to stop immediately at any time when gate is moving
4] Limit swtch N.C./N.O. selectable (using micro-switch)
5] Automatic lighting control with optional photo sensor
6] Dual lighting mode control: Follow or delay selectable
7] Led indications for easy installation and fault diagnosis
8] Photo Electric beam control input available
9] Adjustable forcing sensing trimmer
10] Emergency release key in case of power failure

Autogate Malaysia is your complete source for autogate & security system. We supply, install, service and maintain security system for residence and commercial sector. We bring together highly-trained, professional technicians and a state-of-the-art product line to provide the most comprehensive security system.

Automatic Gate System
We are specialize in resident and commercial gate system. Type of gate that we install and service are swing, sliding and folding gate. We also provide rod iron gates, stainless steel and galvanize gates. We can coordinate ironwork along with the Autogate system if needed as we have a partner company that provides iron work services.

Autogate Malaysia is specializing in providing services such as…
•Autogate system
•CCTV Monitoring system
•Wireless CCTV point to point
•Wireless Hot Spot

Closed circuit Television form as eyes surveillance of any protected premises. CCTV systems are now designed to further its capability and versatility with particular reference to multi camera system. Whether your needs are basic video surveillance or a state-of-the-art CCTV security system, we are your one-stop source.

We represent industry-leading manufacturers of the latest CCTV systems such as Sony, ADV, Samsung, Sharp, Avermedia, Avtech etc So when your business calls for DVR system, Remote monitoring, VCRs , Dome camera, CCD Camera, outdoor camera with housing.

Access Control
Access Control system means a more efficient and more controlled form of allowing only authorized personnel into restricted premises.

From a 1-door standalone to fully expanded, 128-door, PC link time attendance software. We represent industry-leading manufacturers of the latest access control systems such as HID, EntryPass, Intego, Micro Engine, Fingertec etc. Our access control systems and devices include pin only, proximity card, smart card and biometric system.

Alarm System
Burglar Alarm System A burglar alarm system is a cost effective and immediate way of protection against intrusion.

A four zone local systems to 128-zone hard-wired system, and most everything in between, we have you covered. We represents security industry giants such as DF Alarm, Paradox, SUPA 8, Avantis. We carry a wide range of peripheral devices, such as hard-wired control panels, wireless controls, PIRs, dual technology detectors, magnetic door contacts, Vibration sensors, glass-break detectors, keypads, cellular backup communicators, and voice dialer systems.

Home BR500 series barrier gate system MAG BR500-series intelliBarrier gate utilize innovative technology design and manufactured with precision machinery to guarantee satisfaction in quality and reliability for years to come. High performance yet easily affordable price. BR500 series MAG IntelliBarrier gate AC motor. Not limit switch design minimize mechanical wear and allowed superb operating life time. Weather resistant with plastic coating. Arm length can be customized according to site.
BR5A90 MAG Folding arm 90° Arm will be folded into 2 separate portion in 90° as the arm lift up. This allowed installation for site that have low height such as basement or multi-level indoor parking.
BR5A180 MAG Folding arm 180° Arm will be folded into 2 separate portion in 180° as the arm lift up. This allowed maximum top clearance for high vehicle (lorry) at site that have low height such as basement or multi-level indoor parking.. BR5AFE MAG Fence arm Especially useful for longer arm where there is a big opening space underneath the arm. Fence arm effectively block pedestrian trying to pass through from underneath. Accessories Accessories parts to integrate into barrier gate system. GS-SD MAG gooseneck Typically used to house proximity reader in parking access control system. Weatherproof.
Specification Bkt 661U MAG gooseneck bracket for AR661U. AR661U mid range reader is installed on the arylic bracket.
Details Specification Bkt GP90 MAG gooseneck bracket for GP90 GP90 long range reader is installed on the aryclic bracket.
Details Specification
Armsupport MAG Arm Support Pole Used to support barrier arm in closing position. PRL01.R2.LVAC Bircher Proloop single channel loop detector Detect presence of vehicle. Is used to confirm that the vehicle have completely passed through before the aluminum arm fall down to closing position. Power input is AC230. Spec User manual Installing loop
EQ-501 Sunx infrared transceiver Comes with transmitter and receiver built into a single unit. Adjustable range 0.2 to 2.5 meter. Relay contact output. 20 msec response time.
Detecting presence of pedestrian, animal, other vehicle or any other object that might be blocking the pathway Avoid arm to accidentally fall onto the pedestrian or vehicle - additional safety measure.
BR_PB2 Double push button Double push button come with plate. UP, DOWN BR_PB3 Triple push button Triple push button come with Box. UP, STOP, DOWN
Complete solution from a single supplier.
Swing gate system These are complete sets of swing gate operator system that includes a pair of actuator, lock, control panel and remote control. All the following swing gate operator system have well proven performance and reliability in the market for more than 10 years. Thousands of satisfied customer all over Malaysia and the world. SW200P MAG swing - standard version Standard function. Fully oil bath motor for better lubricant and more silent operation. Advanced 8-spring anti-crush technology (8SAC) for smoother operation, longer life time and higher safety. Details Spec Brochure SW300P CEA100 swing Highest grade. Greased motor. Copper pinion gear. Hard chrome plated solid steel driving shaft.
Manufactured using top grade material to meet the absolute best performance in its class. Sliding gate system These are complete sets of sliding gate operator system that includes a motor, gear rack, control panel and remote control.
SL100ACP MAG AC sliding 600 - 1000 kg max gate weight for standard residential. Greased motor. Smooth and silent operation. AC motor for lower cost system.
SL100DCP MAG DC sliding 600 - 1000 kg max gate weight for standard residential. Greased motor. Smooth and silent operation. DC motor to support backup battery.
SL200P CEA200 AC sliding 1200 kg max gate weight for more demanding residential. Fully oil bath motor for better lubrication and smoother operation.
Wing203 MAG Wing203 200 kg max gate weight for standard residential. DC operation. Stainless steel arm.