Stagnoli Hermes Autogate

Stagnoli introduces Hermes - the swing gate operator for leaves up to 2 meters in length. It is particularly suitable for light residential gates. Hermes's distinguishing features are it's smart design and an excellent quality-price relationship. The Hermes operator by Stagnoli is available in the 24Vdc . version with magnetic encoder.

Model Hermes
Power supply 230 V ~ ( 50 Hz )
Input current (A) 0.7
Motor power supply 24V~
Motor power (W) 100W
Travel time 90i (sec) 15 - 20
Thrust force (max. 1200N)
Working temperature (°C) -20 <>+60
Working cycle (%) 70
lP protection level 43
Weight (kg) 3

Affordable, well made italian system.  Well made in aluminium finished and moulded motor covers. Runs very smooth and silently and well supported locally.  Highly recommended