Radion Folding Gate System
  • Automatic Motion Control System
  • For more opening space
  • Powerful & Reliability
  • With additional safety precaution
  • Ensure efficient operation
  • The new Radion 24 Vdc irreversible electromechanical operator for intensive use
  • Reduce dimensions
  • Reduction unit manufactured with high quality gears and shafts
  • Equipped with and adjustable magnetic imit switch system, in opening and closing
  • The new unlock device operating from the top is very fast and easy to use
  • Thanks to the sphric-section Ø 20mm warm shaft the movement is very smoothly and silent
  • Prepared for battery back-up system


State of the art Technology Innovation

1. Its high technology and reliability ensure excellent performance for the customer
2. Not only it can ensure the safety of the household but it also helps to resolve the hassle of getting into their driveway
3. We are complete manufacturing company starting from design, assembly and final testing of auto gate and auto door system.
4. We are one-stop house for all accessories and parts.
It was more than 20 years ago when RADION started doing autogate system business. The reason which RADION decided to enter into this line was because our company had noticed that the standard of living has been raising. This is so much so that we are living in the technology age where people are pursuing higher standard of living, thus we believe that autogate system would be necessity instead of a luxury in the future. Our vision has proven fruitful and we are now capturing lion share of the market and is one of the leader in this field.

With the state of art technology that we are using, it will provide the most convenience to different households. Just imagine, you would not have the hassle of getting in and out of your driveway especially during rainy days, winter season or even better, your kids would not get wet if you are fetching them from school. Furthermore, we believe that some families who live along the hill slope will find it very useful because they do not have to get down from their vehicles to open the gate to their driveway which is pretty troublesome. As for the working people, after a day of hardwork, you would like to rush back home to get a good rest without the fuss of getting in and out of the car to open and close the gate.

HOW RELIABLE IS OUR SYSTEM? Our company would like to computerise the whole production and to have our very own specially design CNC machine for producing autogate system. RADION autogate system to cater to the lifestyle of the local people as well overseas. Right now our company is going on internet, and we hope to reach out more overseas dealer to expand our overseas market.


1. Auto reverse on closing if it hits an obstacle
2. Stopping on opening if it hits an obstacle
3. Control to stop immediately at any time when gate is moving
4. Limit switch N.C/N.O. Selectable (using micro-switch)
5. Automatic lighting control eith optional photo sensor
6. Dual lighting mode control: Folow or delay selectable
7. LED indications for easy installation and fault diagnosis
8. Photo Electric beam control input available
9. Adjustable forcing sensing trimmer for high and low speed
10. Emergency release key in case of power failure
11. Autoclose feature available (for safety, to be used with photocell)
- Power Supply :220 240V + 10%
- Motor Speed :1250 rpm
- Operating Thrust :370N
- Maximum Weight of Gate : 1600kg
- Opening speed : 10m/min
- Noise : <65db module =" 4" weight =" 10kg">

Type : A torque limiting drive unit with D.C. motor, speed reducer and Nylon Bush, which grips between an output shaft and arm connected to a gate. The pressure exerted by the bush and the shaft is adjustable by radially tightening the bush with screws system.

Motor Voltage Rating : 12-24V Direct Current, (D.C)
Power Consumption : 25 watt per Actuator
Motor Rated Load Speed : 4600 rpm
Insulation Resistance : 1.5 mega ohm
Closing Speed (from 90 angle) : 6-8 sec
Max. Leaf Opening Angle : 180°
Max. Leaf Weight Allowable : 200kg
Driving Shaft : Nickel chrome plated solid steel shaft
Casing : Waterproof and rust resistance cast alloy
Trust Force : = 50kg
External Dimension : 255mm(L) X 240mm(W) X 125mm(H)

Type : Nickel-chrome plated mild steel
Bearing Serial : Fuji-10-30A
Arm Dimension : 485mm(L) X 25mm(W) X 5mm(H)

CONTROL PANEL (5 Amp fuse)
Type : Using State-of-the-art Microprocessor for reliable control and encased in weather resisitant ABS casing. Power supply is step down to 24V direct current to operate control panel, receiver, motors and electronic lock
Power Supply : 230VAC, 5Amps, 50Hz
- Dual speed gate control
- Automatic lighting control
- one gate-leaf operation available
- Half-way-stop operation selectable
- Battery backup with chargers (optional)
- Control to stop immediately at anytime when gate is moving.
External Dimension : 310mm(L) X 250mm(W) X Depth-60
Weight : 5kg

Type : This lock is applicable for both outward and inward swing gates
Rated Voltage : 24V direct current (D.C.)
Lock Keeper : Solid mild steel with PVC protective coating.
Spring : Stainless Steel.
Manual Override : Key operated cam-lock to enable
manual operation in the event orf power failure.
Dimension : 115mm(L) X 70mm(W) X 55mm(H)

Type : Battery-operated, crystal controlled frequency. Modulated radiowave.

2 Channel / Remote Control
Range : Effective-40m
Passcode : Set by 8X3 ways switches easily accessible and changed by owner
Battery : Under normal usage, a 12V battery should last 6 months
Case Size : 50mm(L) X 35mm(W) X 12mm(H)
Weight: : 0.3 kg