FA-835i Swing Arm

Driving method : Screw driven piston type
Operating voltage : DC24V for normal speed
DC12V for cushioning speed
Max. output power : 80W per driver
Max. piston stroke : 26cm
Max. piston speed : 2cm/sec.
operating cycle : 13 Second per 90 (approx)
Max. weight of gate : 300kg per wing
Max. length of gate : 3.2 Meter per wing
Position limit device : Electronic fuzzy logic
Gearbox : Dual steps planetary reducer Safety clutch : Electronic current sensing
Backup battery : 12V 7AH
Safety barrier : Infrared beam sensor (optional)
Main supply : AC110V/220V, 60Hz/50Hz Electronic controller : Microcomputer based
Remote controller : UHF digital PWM type
Temperature : 0 to + 80C

Features :
- Electronic anti-crushing sensor, automatic reopen if it hits something
- Timer control automatic closing ( you must obey some safety rule to activate this function ).
- Non-underground motor, Avoiding common problem of damages by water and mud.
- Its unique self locking mechanism does not require an extra lock at the gate. Therefore there is no more a lock stopper obstructingthe drive way.
- Dual speed design with soft cushion stopping.
- Micro-computer fuzzy logic control.
- It works even during a blackout.