Repairs & Spare Parts Readily Available

[Remote RM50] [Receiver RM130]

[Transformer RM70]

[Circuit Board RM280]

[Enclosure RM35]

[Swing Arm RM345]

[Battery RM80]

[Gear Rack RM50]

[Main Gear RM130]

[Solenoid Lock RM280]
We want to help you save. We will make every effort to repair your old gate. We will not ask you to replace your gate system unnecessarily.
Autogate spare parts for swing arm, underground system and sliding door readily available at reasonable prices. Even small items such as springs or parts for older systems. Call us now for a free consultation. We will try our best to source replacement parts for your autogate systems. We are autogate installers that can make use of your existing system to help you save cost if need to refurbish your exising autogate system.
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A Very Common Problem
Picture of typical underground arm motor flooded due to seepage of water. Underground units over 4-6 years of service typically suffer from these problems, the main cause for water leakage is due to the hardening of the outer rubber seal as well as the rubber shaft seal. Once a motor has been compromised by water the replacement of the entire motor is the only effective remedy. Many of the underground systems are being replaced with swing arm systems to avoid this problem recurring.

Typical circuit diagram for a local gate controller,
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